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Ohio Requirements

Screening a Social Worker

Recommended Social Workers

China Requirements

Verification, Certification, Authentication

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GWCA Ohio Regional Office


Reimbursement for Non-Recurring Adoption Expenses
Qualifyers from Regulation 5101:2-47-30 of the Ohio Family, Children and Adult Services Manual:

1) Is in a sibling group who should be placed together
2) is a member of a minority or ethnic group
3) age (6 or older)
4) has remained in the permanent custody of a pubic children services agency or private child placing agency for more than one year
5) has a medical condition, physical impairment, mental retardation or developmental disability
6) has an emotional disturbance or behavioral problem
Form needs to be filed in your county of residence.
Post Placement Visits:
The Chinese Center for Adoption Affairs requires two (2) post placement report, six and twelve months,  with a licensed social worker.   If you have any further questions please email GWCA.
Refinalize Your Adoption in Ohio :
After placement
  1. Contact your county probate court and ask for the form to refinalize your adoption.
  2. Fill out the paperwork (name change, application for  Ohio birth certificate, etc)
  3. Appear before the Probate Judge
  4. He will read the refinalization decree into court records
  5. You are now considered by the state of Ohio to be the sole parents of you child

**The State of Ohio fully recognizes foreign adoption decrees issued pursuant to due process of law by a court of any jurisdiction outside this state, whether within or outside the United States. Ohio Revised Code, Title XXXI, Chapter 3107, Section 18 (1998)

**Re-adoption allowed upon submission of a petition and proof of finalization of the adoption outside the United States Ohio Revised Code, Title XXXI, Chapter 3107, Section 18 (1998)

N-600:  Application for Certificate of Citizenship

BCIS Child Citizenship Act





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