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Steps to AdoptionTimeline

Ohio Requirements

Screening a Social Worker

Recommended Social Workers

China Requirements

Verification, Certification, Authentication








GWCA Ohio Regional Office


Paperwork Phase: 6 months

Send in Application to Great Wall
Receive approval letter & contract

1-2 weeks

Interview & hire a Social Worker

1 week

Apply to BCIS I-600 A for fingerprint appointment

4-8 weeks

Complete Homestudy and Dossier Paperwork

10-12 weeks

Homestudy to BCIS I 171 H approval

3 months

Verification of Dossier: County Clerk of Courts

1-2 days

Certification of Dossier: Ohio Secretary of State

1-2 days

Authentication of Dossier: Chinese Consulate New York

7-10 days

Dossier to GWCA & 2nd installment

1-2 days


Waiting Phase: 12 + months

Dossier to China

(if dossier is received by Wednesday morning it will be sent out that Friday)

1-2 weeks

LID date confirmation from CCAA

4-6 weeks

Child referral from China (not expedited)

12+ months


Referral Phase:

Referral Packet to Family

2-7 days

Referral Acceptance Agreement

1-2 days

Travel approval from CCAA

6-10 weeks

Travel after approval from CCAA is received

4-8 weeks


Travel Phase: 12-14 days

International flight to Beijing

2 days

Beijing Tour

1 day

Fly to Province & receive child

1 day

Stay in child’s province

5-7 days

Stay in Guangzhou

3-5 days


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