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GWCA Ohio Regional Office

Ohio Requirements:
  • Application for Child Placement: JFS 1691
  • Birth Certificate of applicant(s)
  • Marriage license of prospective petitioner and spouse, if married
  • Divorce Decree, of any prior marriage, for prospective petitioner and spouse or unmarried petitioner
  • Adoptive Applicant Financial Statement: JFS 1681
  • Medical Statement for Foster Care/Adoptive Applicant and all Household members: JFS 1653
  • Safety Audit: JFS 1348
  • Fire Inspection Report: JFS 1200
  • Ohio Adoption Photo Listing Waiver: JFS 1614
  • Proof of applicant(s) and adult members of household have lived in Ohio during entire previous five years (including, but not limited to, tax records, rent or mortgage payment receipts).
  • Child Abuse Registry Check
  • Fingerprints - (note: Additional fingerprinting is required by INS)

    a. Civilian Identification fingerprint form - one per adult member of household who has lived in Ohio during entire five year period preceding application.

    b. FD-258 fingerprints of applicant - (1 per adult member of household who has lived outside of Ohio at anytime during the last five years.)

    c. Applicants who do not presently live in Ohio may need to complete other criminal record checks to satisfy the requirements of their own state. The social worker will know of these requirements.

  • Assessment for Child Placement: JFS 1673
  • Application for Adoption Services: JFS 1652 written request from a personal reference state of each individual identified or such purpose by the applicant. (Homestudy agency will request these.)
  • Four personal references
  • Favorable homestudy
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