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Chinese Center for Adoption Affairs (CCAA)

Effective February 2003 
I. Dossier Medical Form:
1. Adoption Applicants have to ensure that the doctors handwriting on the form is legible. The CCAA may disregard the medical form if it has illegible handwriting.
2. If the applicant is currently on medication, the doctor needs to specify the name and function of the medicine.
3. If the applicant had a medical history of certain SERIOUS disease or surgical operation, a report has to be attached with the medical form. In the report, it has to cover the following content:
Name of the disease or operation
Year of occurrence and treatment
Result of the operation or treatment
Whether or not the applicant is currently fully recovered
Whether the applicant is currently on medication
Whether the applicant is suitable for raising a child
1. Passport sized pictures need to be put in a standard passport picture
2. Family pictures are recommended to stick on letter-size papers instead of being put in an envelope.
Home Studies:
1. Social Workers need to make an assessment on the following areas:
a. Health conditions of the applicants
b. Financial condition of the applicants
c. Social conduct of the applicants (based on the criminal and child abuse record)
d. Living condition: social worker should include a statement on whether the living space conforms with the requirements of the State government
e. Parenting plan
f. Single applicants sexual orientation 
II. Submitting Supplementary Documents between DTC and Referral time:
Applicants have to submit supplementary or updated documents for their dossier WITHIN 60 DAYS after a notice of request of documents is issued by the CCAA to the Adoption Agency.
Interval between two adoptions:
The interval between the first and second adoptions should be more than one year counting from the registration date(DTC date) of the first adoption to the submission of the dossier for the second adoption.
III. Policy on putting dossier on hold for a referral:
Dossiers cannot be put on hold for more than six months. Otherwise, the application will be considered to be withdrawn.
Applicants can only request to put a dossier on hold before the travel approval is issued.
IV. Referral
An acceptance agreement should be filled and signed within 45 days after the agreement is issued.
To give up a referral due to any reasons, applicants should submit a letter within 10 days from the time the intent has been announced.
V. Post-placement reports
1.The following content and items need to be included in the post-placement reports
Four pictures of the child(at least one picture of the child with the parents and one picture of the child alone)
Nationality of the Child(Applicants may put down United States if both parents traveled to pick up the child before February 27, 2001.)
Parents current occupation
Date of the Home Visit by the Social Worker
2. If only one parent traveled to China to pick up the child, due to the fact that the adoption has not been finalized in this case, the adopters will need to complete the process of naturalization for the adopted child within 12 months after the placement. A proof of citizenship can be
a. A copy of the Certificate of Citizenship
b. A copy of the childs U.S. passport
If adopters cannot submit a proof of the childs U.S. citizenship, the adoption agency will need to follow up with the social worker every six months until the adopted child is naturalized.

Quota system amended effective December 1, 2002

  • CCAA will no longer limit the number of dossiers sent to CCAA by approved adoption agencies from married couples.

  • CCAA will now allow up to 8% of all dossiers submitted from agencies to be from single applicants.

  • CCAA states that these changes will result in faster processing times for dossiers in 2003.

  • The current processing time from DTC to referral for healthy children is 13-14 months.

    How these changes will affect you?

  • Married couples: will not have to wait for their agency to have open slots for submitting dossiers to CCAA. Married couples can expect the process to go more quickly than in 2002. 

  • Singles: a slight increase in the quota means that a few more singles will be able to adopt from China.  

  • Special Needs Children: families who wish to adopt children with special needs are NOT included in the will complete the dossier and referral process much more quickly.

    For more information, go to this link on the CCAA website.

GWCA Updates
December 2002
On November 29, 2002, the China Center for Adoption Affairs (CCAA) lifts the quota system for agencies submitting dossiers to China. The CCAA will no longer limit the number of completed dossiers from married couples. In addition, agencies can now submit up to 8% of the agency's total number of completed dossiers from single applicants.  Children with special needs are NOT included in quota and therefore will complete the dossier and referral process much more quickly.
For more information read below under the CCAA.
November 2002
GWCA has received a short list of waiting children. If you are interested in the program, please go to our website for the details on procedures.  You
may also download the forms under Appendixes and send us as an initiate
application. Families with a dossier in China will be given priority to
receive the children's information. In order to observe the rule set by the CCAA, we will not release the children information via the internet or any
public media.
The forms can also be sent via fax, email or postal mail. I look forward to hearing from you.
September 2002:
Great Wall China Adoption is very honored to be entrusted by
China Center of Adoption Affairs (CCAA) , the central governing authority overseeing all Chinese adoptions to seek families for "waiting children" - children who are older or with medical conditions. For years, we know that CCAA cares tremendously for these children. They have approved a limited number of highly qualified U.S. child placement agencies to assist them in placing these children. These are the children that are critically in need of a home. Great Wall feels a strong calling and huge responsibility in our effort on impacting the lives of these children. By finding a permanent home for them, a home they can call their own, we believe that their life will forever be changed.
Waiting Children
Categories of children you can find on the Waiting Children's list:
.        Older, healthy children
.        Older children with medical conditions
.        Infants with medical conditions
Medical Conditions
Some of the common medical conditions include but are not limited to cleft lip, cleft palate, congenital heart disease, missing digits, and hearing loss.
As CCAA wants the waiting children to have a home sooner, families wishing to adopt a waiting child are not subjected to the quota system. This means that you can start the process with us immediately without worrying whether you will have a spot for that year. Usually, the adoption process should take less time because the CCAA will be willing to expedite your application.
Over the years, Great Wall has been dedicated and successful in finding homes for children with different kinds of medical conditions. It would not be possible without the loving and nurturing families opening their hearts to the children. We thank those families from the bottom of our hearts. We are also very grateful that we have a chance to contribute more in placing
these children. If you would like to receive more information on our Waiting Children Program, please contact
Lynn Lau at 512-323-9595.
We look very much forward to working with you to bring that special child home!

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